Can I Spend Less and be Healthy?

It is often felt that in order to be healthier we will need to spend more money. The idea of gym membership, personal trainers, exercise classes, health foods and special diets conjures up the idea that we will have to pay out lots of money. Of course, if you do employ all of these things the you will have to pay out for them and this could mean that you will end up paying out a lot more money than you are at the moment. However, there are things that we can do which will help us to improve our health and will not cost us lots more money.  

Cut Back on Unhealthy Food

We all buy food of course, but lots of the food sold in supermarkets and restaurants is not all healthy. This means that we could be buying food that we do not really need. For example, good marketing has convinced us that it is essential to snack between meals, when a few generations ago no one snacked between meals. We are also told that if we do not have foods that are high in fat, salt and sugar then we are not treating ourselves when these foods are not a treat for our body at all. Therefore, it can be possible for us to cut out some of the unhealthy foods that we have and not replace them with anything so we will save money. It can be a useful exercise to actually note down all of the foods that we eat that are extra to our meals – so puddings, snacks etc and note the cost. It could be interesting to see how much they cost and that could help you to be motivated to give some of them up. Of course, it is very hard giving up foods that we really like, but if we can limit them a little but then we can easily become healthier without spending so much money.

Embrace Opportunities to Exercise

There are lots of opportunities for us to exercise in our day without having to pay out. For example, we could walk to work, walk to children to school or walk to the shop. We can take stairs instead of lifts and walk around when we are sending texts or making phone calls. We could also take longer routes when we are walking about in the day and just be a bit more aware of how long we are sitting down for. When we are watching TV we can get up each break and walk around and things like this. Just small changes like this can be easy to slowly implement and completely free to do.

Use Free Meditation Apps

Looking after our mental health is important too and meditation can be a way that can help a lot of people. There are a lot of different meditation apps available which we could try out and many of them are free or have free trials which means that you will not have to pay for them. They can help to guide you to relax more which can have a big impact on health.

Improve Your Sleep Hygiene

Sleep is also something that many of us should address to help our general health. Getting enough sleep is tricky for a lot of people as many do not want to make the time to do it. It is important to do this and to try to get a good quality sleep. By having a peaceful bedroom where you can relax and not using screen too close to bedtime as well as being comfortable and warm but not too hot will all help.

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